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She is the Principal of The British School of Reflexology. Sidebar intro In this article, Ann Gillanders outlines case studies of how – using Reflexology – she has helped patients suffering from Cystitis, Diabetes, Frozen Shoulder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Laryngitis. Reflexology Case Study. Extracts from this document Introduction. Reflexology Case Studies Introduction Client B is 40 years old, happily married, with two children. She has an active lifestyle looking after her family as well as working part time in two shops in the village where she lives. In her spare time she enjoys taking part in. By the way, you never know where a case study might go. The word “pressure” is now included in reflexology definitions around the world—all because of Kunz and Kunz work with three case studies of paralysis (as well as literature research).Author: Kevin Kunz.

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It has a rapid onset. The patient feels off-colour. There is pain in the centre, low in the abdomen, which is worse when urine is passed. There is frequently passing of small amounts or merely the sensation of wanting to.

Most cases resolve themselves without the need for deep-acting agents, reflexology case study examples. Bacteria invade when there has been continued irritation such as that of sand or gravel in the urine. Bacillus coli resides in the rectum but may invade the bladder. Urine is often turgid and evil smelling. By travelling down the ureters kidney infection may be conveyed to the lining of the bladder. A common cause is diuretic indiscretion, reflexology case study examples, such as too much spicy food, curries, reflexology case study examples, peppers, vinegar, coffee, alcohol, tea, too much and too strong cola and other stimulants.

Too much meat concentrates urine, as do other high purine foods. Plenty of fluids should be drunk, either in the form of herbal teas, reflexology case study examples, or bottled waters rather than coffee or tea. These dilute the irritating effect of uric acid in the urine, reflexology case study examples. Mandy was a very attractive year-old and came to reflexology case study examples with a history of chronic cystitis which had occurred during the last 12 months.

The infections caused a lot of low pelvic and back pain. She often had a raised temperature and frequent episodes of passing small amounts of urine during the night, reflexology case study examples, which gave her a very disturbed sleeping pattern. She seemed an anxious young woman, although on the initial consultation there was no real evidence of the reason for her emotionally stressed state. During the treatment sessions the area of the bladder and pelvic areas were extremely sensitive to pressure; in fact, reflexology case study examples, the slightest pressure gave rise to extreme discomfort in her feet and made the general pressure unacceptable to her.

Mandy also reported that during the attacks of cystitis she was quite sure that her eyes became affected as they were normally sore, irritating and watery. She had reported this fact reflexology case study examples her GP who said that there was no link between cystitis and eye conditions whatsoever.

However, when she was introduced to the benefits and understanding of Reflexology, I explained to her how the kidney and eye areas are in the same related areas and it is very common to find when people have bladder inflammations that their corresponding area, the eye, is extremely sensitive and can cause the symptoms of soreness, watering and sensitivity that she described.

Mandy used to bring her three-year-old son with her, so the treatment sessions were not as relaxed as I would have liked them to be, but she explained that she had nobody to leave her young son with and so it was necessary for him to accompany her in order that she could continue regular Reflexology treatments.

We worked out a rota for a weekly treatment session. I said that in normal situations six sessions should give good, satisfactory relieving results, then maybe the occasional treatment on a reflexology case study examples basis would be advisable for her. There was very little improvement until the third session, when she said that she had noticed that she felt generally much calmer and very relaxed after treatment, reflexology case study examples, and in fact the night following the treatment session would give her reflexology case study examples sleep for eight or nine hours, which was most unusual.

She still suffered a lot of low pelvic discomfort, reflexology case study examples, however, and frequency in her urinary output during the daytime. I asked her to return to her Reflexology case study examples for yet another urine check just to make sure that there was nothing underlying.

There is sometimes the problem of another associated illness linked to urinary frequency and low pelvic pain. However, reflexology case study examples, after her visit to her GP, who gave her a further examination and tested her urine, he confirmed that she was in fact still suffering from chronic cystitis and recommended yet another course of antibiotics, which she declined.

The antibiotics always gave her an intense attack of thrush, therefore she had a dual problem to cope with. Over the next few weeks there appeared to be a great improvement in her urinary condition but it was not until the eighth treatment that she confided in me that her husband had left her and their young son just a year before for another woman, and it was from this period of time that her first attack of cystitis had occurred.

It often happens that when we have emotional hurts which are very close to our heart our reproductive or urinary areas are most commonly affected, almost as a hurt to our very femininity. Mandy was quite sure that her eyes were sensitive and watery during her bouts of cystitis. I explained to her that the kidney and eye areas are in the same related areas and it is quite common to find an eye problem during bouts of urinary tract disorders.

The kidneys were sensitive, but the bladder was acutely sensitive even when the slightest pressure was applied. Tea, reflexology case study examples, coffee, alcohol and any caffeine-type drinks, such as cola, should be avoided. Echinacea is a good immune stimulant and excellent for cystitis as it also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Dandelion leaf and horsetail are recommended. Plenty of fluids are advisable and those with a barley base are especially beneficial, lemon barley in particular. Cranberry helps to prevent the bacteria from adhering to the bladder. Vitamin C: 1—3g daily. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system to fight infection. Chris was in his sixties when he came to me having suffered from diabetes for many years, reflexology case study examples.

His diabetes had been very difficult to control all his life, and he had suffered as a result arterial corrosion of the eyes and the kidneys.

He had also had two mild heart attacks. At the time of coming to see me his main problem was an inability to walk any great distance because of intermittent claudication in his legs, which meant that after very short periods of walking he had cramp-like seizures in his calf muscles which made him have to stop whatever he was doing.

The main sensitivities which appeared in the feet were in the eyes, kidneys, heart and groin areas. This indicated the arteriosclerosis that he suffered due to the diabetes. He was constantly exhausted and had a very restricted lifestyle, although he did take quite an interest in his engineering company, which he had built up over 30 years, reflexology case study examples.

He was treated very regularly over a period of eight weeks with hardly any results, which made me feel that perhaps this treatment was going to be of little support for him. However, he was insistent on continuing, reflexology case study examples, and I am so pleased that he did because on the ninth treatment he suffered quite a severe reaction to the treatment.

An angry rash appeared all over his body. He had excessive bowel actions, which was most unusual for him as normally he suffered from constipation and had to rely on laxatives to help any bowel action. After this rather major cleansing of the system he began to make great strides. The main benefit he achieved was the ability to walk distances; the breathless condition which resulted from his mild heart attacks improved considerably; and he was able to take an interest in jobs in the garden which previously had been completely out of the question.

Chris was very impressed by the benefits of Reflexology and after three months 12 treatments carried out consistently on a weekly basis his improvement was so marked that he suggested that he would like to come to reflexology case study examples a regular Reflexology treatment every fortnight.

This he did and he lived for another nine years, constantly having Reflexology; he described it as his life support. During the nine years of treatment from me he hardly ever had a problem with maintaining his insulin blood sugar levels, which was very encouraging as previously he had had no end of increases and then decreases in his insulin injections in an attempt to try to control his very difficult condition.

Chris was a fine man. He was over-generous to all who came his way, was loved by all members of his staff and family, and when he died he did in fact reflexology case study examples of kidney failurehe left a large sum of money to the Diabetic Trust. The eye reflexes were reflexology case study examples in both feet. The kidneys were also very painful. The damage to the heart was apparent from the reaction in the heart reflex area, reflexology case study examples.

Congestion in the groin area revealed the congestion in the arteries which caused the cramp-like seizures in his legs intermittent claudication, reflexology case study examples. The diet suitable for diabetics would have been discussed by the doctor or dietician in charge of the case.

The dosage of insulin and the number of units of carbohydrate is all-important. However, a good, basic, nutritious diet, free from junk foods and refined sugar, provides a positive direction for any health condition.

The use of garlic is advised for the general health of the arteries. Edward contacted me. He needed an urgent appointment, as the pain and disability in his shoulders was so intense that he was not able to sleep at night.

Although only 38 years old, he said that he walked about like an old man of There seemed to be little reason for his shoulder restriction. He had been married for a couple of years and had just had his first child and his work did not involve any heavy physical lifting. His job was demanding. As a computer programmer for a large company he sat for hours in front of a screen and the more he worked throughout the day, the more his pain and discomfort increased. His doctor had treated the problem initially with pain-killing tablets, and because the condition failed to improve he then had two cortisone injections.

He described the pain of reflexology case study examples injections as 'agonising' and initially had some relief but six months later he was back to square one. The sensitivity in his shoulder reflexes were extreme, his thoracic spine and neck also revealed a lot of tension and inflammation. After his first treatment he reported that in fact the condition seemed worse.

I reassured him that this was not unusual; often the condition gets a little worse before it gets much better following a treatment of Reflexology, particularly the first one. Edward attended for his weekly appointments and very gradually an improvement began. First and foremost, his pain levels decreased and then gradually he was able to raise his arms a little more each week.

As we got to know each other he said that he had found the responsibilities of marriage, a mortgage and a new baby rather a strain and he did constantly worry about his job security and so on. I explained that the shoulders are traditionally where we 'shoulder our responsibilities'. Tense shoulders often mean that we are carrying too many burdens. Our shoulders get painful and rigid when we are not expressing our real needs, when reflexology case study examples we are doing something that we would rather not be doing.

He said he was scared of sharing these insecurities with his wife in case she felt that he was a bit weak and watery. Maybe the acceptance of the cause of his condition helped admirably but after eight sessions of Reflexology his shoulder condition became a thing of the past. Edward still comes back from time to time. He says that when he feels like 'the milkmaid carrying her yoke' he rings for another appointment.

Soothing herbal teas such as chamomile are indicated to help towards relaxation in tense and stressful situations.

B5 pantothenic acid : mg 2—4 times daily may help to alleviate painful symptoms. Vitamin C: 1—2 g daily helps tendons and bones. Vitamin E is known for its certain anti-inflammatory properties. Food is said to be responsible for one-third of cases, but X-ray fails to reveal evidence, reflexology case study examples.

Prostaglandins are implicated. Females are far more susceptible than males. Cow's milk and antigens in beef can precipitate the condition. The two main symptoms are abdominal pain and altered bowel habit.


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Feb 15,  · Itec reflexology case studies examples Arlington Abilene curriculum vitae law librarian final cut pro 7 reflection, a reflective essay is best described as an essay that Bristol, Fort Wayne apa. Jun 04,  · Reflexology Treatment/Case Study. I welcomed Client & explained to Client as to how long the treatment would take and that I would speak to her after treatment in regards to any reflexes that are out of balance. I took her hand and showed her several . Reflexology Case Study. Extracts from this document Introduction. Reflexology Case Studies Introduction Client B is 40 years old, happily married, with two children. She has an active lifestyle looking after her family as well as working part time in two shops in the village where she lives. In her spare time she enjoys taking part in.